Who is the Latino Congress?

The Latino Congress is a nonpartisan broad-based network of grassroots organizations who come together to build collective power to ensure the fair treatment and equal opportunities of immigrants since 2002.

The Latino Congress is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation's largest and longest-standing network of local faith and community-based organizations.  The IAF created the modern model of faith- and broad-based organizing and is widely recognized as having the strongest track record in the nation for citizen leadership development and for helping congregations and other civic organizations act on their missions to achieve lasting change in the world.

What does Latino Congress do?

The Latino Congress builds relations across the lines than often divide our community.  Fosters capacity in the Latino community through leadership development, and generates spaces for the immigrants to come together and participate in common agendas of change in a collective and disciplined action at a local, state and federal level.

Want to become a Member?

NCCLO welcomes and seeks new grassroots member congregations, community centers and other organizations that are ready to challenge their members in an effort to build new relationships, work and become leaders of NCCLO, and assume greater power and significance in the public arena of North Carolina. If your congregation or institution is interested in joining or learning more about the NC Congress of Latino Organizations, the staff would be happy to meet with you to present the process of participation. Call 919.403.7082 for more information.

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