Latino Congress

The North Carolina Congress of Latino Organizations (The Latino Congress) is a nonpartisan broad-based network of grassroots organizations dedicated to building collective power and ensuring the fair treatment and equal opportunities of Latino immigrants in North Carolina.

Since its inception, the Latino Congress has organized multiple collective public actions with average participation at each of more than 1,000 leaders from across the state. The actions are public negotiations with decision makers at different levels which are focused, but limited to,  farmworker rights, immigration reform, access to health care and education.


The Latino Congress is a vehicle for the development of leaders, community organizing, public action and non-partisan electoral work. We generate collective power by bringing together several local chapters formed by diverse grassroots religious congregations, community centers, unions, non-profit institutions and their leaders. Those institutions are often the most stable and trusted local Latino networks in communities.

We sustain our relationships through individual one-to-one conversations, house meetings and listening campaigns. Chapters engage hundreds of leaders in local campaigns that improve the quality of life in their communities at the local level. All local chapters unite around a collective state/national agenda which is built with input from thousands of grassroots leaders.

Latino leaders engage in careful collective planning and research and initiate strategic action around issues that have been identified. Actions often involve thousands of our members during disciplined and public negotiations with key stakeholders, policy makers and public officials on the issues that impact our families the most.